Jack Parfitt Award

The Jack Parfitt Award is given in memory of John W. Parfitt, an Osteopathic Physician who practiced in Manchester, New Hampshire in the early years of Osteopathic medicine. He was a member of the New Hampshire Osteopathic Association. The award is given to a New Hampshire student attending the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Dr. Parfitt opened a practice in Manchester in 1940 with his father, John W. Parfitt, who was also an Osteopath. He sold his practice to William Kirmes, D.O. in 1979.


Dr Parfitt was born in 1913 and lived an active life until his passing on September 8, 1979. Dr Parfitt attended Dartmouth and Bates College and graduated from Kirkesville College of Osteopathy.


He was an active in his community as well as being an adventurer and expert photographer who spent his last 12 years traveling extensively. His travels included Russia, China, Afghanistan, Morocco, Iceland and Africa. He was given unheard of permission to photograph the Great Wall of China. He shared his art with the community and state by composing a series of slides and lecture presentations.


Jack was a board member of the NH Art Association and they have a memorial art exhibit in his name every year.

His art is still displayed at the Robert Lincoln Levy Gallery in Portsmouth, NH.

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