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The purpose of the organization shall be to advance the art and science of Osteopathic Medicine, to secure for it a deserved recognition, and to maintain a professional spirit among its practitioners in the state of New Hampshire. This society shall cooperate actively with the American Osteopathic Association as a divisional society and accepts and shall endeavor to enforce among its members the code of ethics of the American Osteopathic Association.


In addition to the Hippocratic Oath, Osteopathic medical students take an oath to maintain and uphold the "Core Principles of osteopathic medical philosophy". Revised in 1953, and again in 2002, the core principles are:


  1. The body is a unit, and the person represents a combination of body, mind and spirit.
  2. The body is capable of self-regulation, self-healing, and health maintenance.
  3. Structure and function are reciprocally interrelated.
  4. Rational treatment is based on an understanding of these principles:

body unity, self-regulation, and the interrelationship of structure and function.

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